Having access to intuitive, digital, self-service touchpoints allows customers to bank with ease and provides a positive customer experience. For busy small business owners, these digital options are especially important; they don’t have time to visit a branch, and they prefer to bank from their device of choice.

However, the processes surrounding small business banking are often more complex than personal banking. That’s the case for small business credit card lending, for example. Business owners often need to provide supporting documentation to apply, and the process can be different depending on which channel they use.

Despite these complexities, BMO wanted to serve its small business customers better than other digitally savvy banks. The number of customer complaints were rising, and staff were becoming increasingly frustrated with the manual, error-prone process. They wanted a small business credit card application process that was cost-effective, intuitive, and digital. Most importantly, they wanted it quickly, without burdening their IT teams, or requiring a rip and replace of their existing technology solution.