The results

BMO's new small business credit card application is now a unified digital experience that’s easy for staff and customers to complete. The new process is simple: small business customers or bank staff simply fill out a digital form and the customer receives approval quickly. With this new digital process, BMO can better serve small business customers and:

Eliminate errors and omissions: The applicant’s information is validated prior to submission, effectively driving error rates down to zero.

Deliver an omnichannel experience: The new digital process is universal, whether a customer is applying from their device of choice, over the phone, or in person.

Adjust quickly: The new small business credit card application process can be easily modified as promotional and regulatory changes occur.

Improve risk assessment: BMO can now kick off KYC and AML checks in parallel, so staff can automatically identify potentially risky applicants upfront vs. doing so manually.

By leveraging the Daylight platform, BMO was able to deliver a digital customer experience in weeks, instead of the months it would have taken to build internally. The bank can now guide small business owners through a high-touch, high-gloss experience, without the coding or maintenance that typically goes into projects of this nature. They can also drive new small business clients in a consistent way across all channels, faster and easier than they ever thought possible.