Selecting the right low-code platform

The right low-code process automation platform should:

Support IT & Business Users: The right solution should strike a balance between what pieces of the platform IT can govern and what the end user can do. Look for a vendor that provides guardrails for business users and centralized control over areas like workflow, integrations, and data management.

Empower Citizen Developers: To solve complex processes, organizations must adopt technology that supports a citizen developer model. It should enable a singular support and governance model, allowing key stakeholders to build digital solutions easily, without coding.

Maximize Your ROI: Look for vendors that work on a usage-based model and allow you to iterate over time. That way, your teams can focus on scaling your solutions instead of paying a large upfront cost for technology with no flexibility.

Keep Your Data Secure: Choose a vendor that doesn’t store or “lock in” your data. If these criteria aren’t met, a solution can show all the promise in the world, but compliance and security won’t accept the inherent risk.