Accelerating digital business initiatives

In a digital-first world, organizations will require more business process and IT automation as they are forced to fast track their digital transformation plans. In fact, 69%3 of organizations have accelerated their digital business initiatives following COVID-19, and the ones who will succeed are those who embrace hyperautomation: for example, a leading North American pharmacy chain.

To administer flu vaccines in a safe and efficient manner, the organization knew it needed to rethink its pen-and-paper flu shot process. Prior to adopting Daylight’s low-code platform:

Each patient would need to visit a pharmacy and fill out a paper form with their personal health information before receiving their shot.

The pharmacist would then need to interpret that handwritten data.

The pharmacist would then input the patients’ data into the company’s PIS system, a system that holds patients’ medical history and personal data.

The solution

As an alternative to this error-prone, face-to-face process, Daylight deployed a personalized digital journey that allows patients to pre-screen and register at home from their smartphone, laptop, or PC. By adopting a low-code process automation solution, the pharmacy was able to improve patient safety and:

Digitize the entire flu shot process in just two weeks

Deploy a nationwide COVID-19 testing program

Reduce pharmacist interaction for a range of processes

With Daylight, the pharmacy chain was able to improve patient safety, free up pharmacists to focus on higher value tasks, and address pressing organizational and societal needs with great speed and agility. At a time when the business landscape is constantly shifting, this level of agility is a key differentiator.

“Hyperautomation has shifted from an option to a condition of survival.”

– Fabrizio Biscotti, Gartner Research VP2