From Flu Shots to COVID-19 Testing and Beyond:

How a leading pharmacy chain rapidly built digital solutions across its entire business

The challenge

One of North America’s largest pharmacy chains needed to ease the burden on their pharmacists who were dealing with a large volume of administrative tasks and spending far too long managing paper-based processes. To do that, the pharmacy chain decided to digitize and automate their biggest annual project: the national flu shot process. The existing flu shot process relied heavily on manual human checks and paper-based workflows, which was slow and inefficient.

The solution

After Daylight transformed the pharmacy’s manual minor ailments process into a personalized digital journey, the team wanted to scale the solution to other areas. Given this initial success, the pharmacy chain knew they could entrust Daylight with digitizing and automating the company’s flu shot process. That strong digital foundation laid the groundwork for a rapid COVID-19 testing rollout later down the line, and an improved experience for staff and patients.

With Daylight, the pharmacy chain:

Digitized their flu shot process in just five weeks

Deployed a nationwide COVID-19 testing program

Rolled out a personalized, intuitive digital journey for minor ailments that required no training

Reduced pharmacist interaction for a large range of processes