The Evolution: COVID-19 Testing

As COVID-19 became more prevalent and the threat was better understood, the Daylight team and the pharmacy chain were in constant communication about what may change in the pharmacy landscape. Building upon the earlier success of working together, Daylight’s platform helped the pharmacy chain rapidly roll out a national COVID-19 testing program. As a trusted part of the pharmacy’s COVID-19 response team, Daylight’s platform is behind every COVID-19 testing process that the organization has in place.

The team also worked together to launch a COVID-19 testing solution for Ontario secondary schools and for staff and customers for one of the world's top 20 international airlines. In short order, Daylight’s low-code platform delivered a level of digitization that the pharmacy chain didn’t have before.

As its pen-and-paper processes became obsolete amidst COVID-19, what started as a desire for greater efficiency quickly became an organization-wide need. Today, the pharmacy delivers a safe, seamless, digital experience for a range of patient-centric processes, from flu shots to minor ailments, and beyond.