The solution: Digitizing the flu shot process

Prior to using the Daylight platform, each patient would need to visit one of the pharmacy chain’s locations and fill out a paper form with their personal health information before receiving their inoculation. The pharmacist would then verify and validate the patient data and input it into the company’s PIS, a system that holds patients’ medical history and personal data. As an alternative to this error-prone, face-to-face process, the pharmacy chain deployed a simple digital journey using Daylight’s platform that allowed flu shot patients to pre-screen and register at home from their smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Registration and pre-screening:

Once the patient completes registration for themselves and/or their family members, a confirmation code is sent.

Confirmation and inoculation:

When the patient arrives at the pharmacy, they simply provide their confirmation code to receive their flu shot.

Automated data collection:

Since the patients’ information is automatically pre-populated into the pharmacy’s PIS upon registration, pharmacists don’t need to input any customer data prior to giving the inoculation.

Brand experience:

No matter what type of device the patient is using, the registration form adjusts and optimizes to the viewer’s screen, giving them a personalized brand experience.

By putting the admin side of the flu shot into the patients’ hands, everyone saves time, reduces errors, and minimizes face-to-face contact. These efficiencies allow the pharmacists to better manage their departments and get back time they didn’t have before.