The Proof of Concept: Minor Ailments

In most Canadian provinces, prescribing medication for minor ailments falls under the scope of practice for pharmacists. But, the process is a big drain on the pharmacist’s time, energy, and attention. Patients often ask the pharmacist to recommend medication to treat a minor condition, like a rash, ache, or pain. On average the pharmacist could spend 20-30 minutes advising each patient. At a busy pharmacy, that quickly adds up to a lot of interruptions for the pharmacist and long wait times for other patients.

To demonstrate the flexibility and power of its low-code platform, Daylight’s platform helped turn the pharmacy chain’s time-intensive minor ailment process into one that reduced pharmacist interaction:

Rather than having a pharmacist have each patient fill out paper forms, a pharmacist now guides the patient through a customized assessment and digital documentation process.

After being taken through a series of assessment questions, and Q&A-style prompts, the workflow eliminates unnecessary steps and accelerates the time between consultation and treatment recommendation.

The new process is so easy and intuitive that staff require minimal technical training.

The new minor ailments process was rolled out across every eligible pharmacy and brand the company had, and Daylight was asked to revisit its initial proposal: digitizing the company’s flu shot process.