Leading Canadian Bank Drives Disruption-Free Digitization:

How a large Canadian bank turned manual, multi-step processes into smooth, streamlined digital experiences

The challenges

A leading bank primarily used paper-based processes that introduced unnecessary complexity and error rates as high as 80%. Branch employees were completing manual, multi-step processes in a duplicative and needlessly complex manner, causing back-office costs to rise. These factors negatively impacted customer experience, slowed account opening times, and stalled the company’s digitization efforts.

The solution

Daylight was selected unanimously by the bank’s RFP committee and now serves as the foundation of the Shared Services smart digital journey. Daylight was chosen due to its ability to personalize digital journeys fast, both independently and with subject matter experts. Daylight’s flexibility and ability to seamlessly integrate with the bank’s processes and systems established structure across multiple business lines. The bank now moves with speed across various organizational processes, regardless of project requirements.

Daylight enabled the bank to:

Create custom digital experiences across 3 business lines in 4 months

Deliver solutions from Shared Services to other lines of business, faster

Work through its backlog and handle dozens of new projects each month