The results

Daylight worked with the bank to design an implementation plan to stand up their environment. This plan included creating private AWS Montreal environments (DEV, SIT, PAT, PROD) integration with the company’s key management system (KMS). These steps ensured the bank had control over the encryption of all data in flight and at rest and the configuration of the single sign-on and auditing capabilities with their existing technology platforms and environments.

Within four months, the bank was live with their initial version of the digital journey across three lines of business, with a roadmap to start onboarding dozens of new processes every month.

With Daylight, the bank’s Shared Services group is working through their backlog and onboarding more lines of business and new projects than ever before.

“We’re also continually impressed by Daylight’s ability to take in feedback, make fast adjustments, and work with the inherent challenges, complexities, and politics of our enterprise,” they added. “We’re used to taking months to make small changes that we’re now able to make in days.”

With Daylight, the bank’s Shared Services team is more efficient and effective than ever, and the bank has gained a foothold on its digitization goals. By adopting a modern, flexible solution that works with their tech stack, the bank has transformed manual multi-step processes into streamlined digital experiences without missing a beat.

“It’s amazing that as we’re finishing up implementation and building our environment, we’re already live with our first three digital journeys, and we’ve got a growing pipeline of business lines we’re super excited about. We’ve never felt more confident in our ability to quickly deliver results.”
- Shared Services Lead